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Spring Soccer Team Invitation--Parkersburg Soccer Academy

This is an invitation to play for a brand-new Semi-Travel Soccer Team in the Parkersburg, West Virginia Area.  Your player is invited to play this Spring in a new experience that brings:

Focused Skill Training
-- Individual Technical Skill Training
--Focused Tactical Team Training
--2 Trainings/week at Scott Field, Parkersburg West Virginia

 Semi-Local Competition Model
--Saturday Games --2 Games in a revolving location through April and May
--Semi Travel to games in Parkersburg, Athens, Belpre, Alexander, Logan

Long Term Developmental Model
--The league is the Southeastern Ohio Soccer League
--the league has brackets for players ages 6-13
--League website


My name is Tad Albano, and I train youth players at Elite Sports Center in Parkersburg, West Virginia as well as operate Athens Soccer Academy  I have been asking about interest in a new semi-travel, Parkersburg based soccer team that 
--Trains regularly twice/week
--Competes weekly Saturdays, so Sundays are free
--Continuously develops players over the critical ages of 6-13.

This Spring and Fall I am recruiting players for teams to play in the  Southeastern Ohio Soccer League.  The teams will be entered under the club name Parkersburg Soccer Academy, though each team will choose their respective names, (the Tigers, or Black Pearls, etc.).

The teams will be coached by experienced young coaches who share the same passion for the game and who have demonstrated the ability to improve player's performance. Tad Albano will act as the club and coaching director.  Parent assistants will be identified and their role will earn them a price reduction.

There are some unknowns at this point, but I can share what to expect from the experience.

Season Dates:
April 1--May 13--we take off Easter weekend

Team Training Schedule:
Teams will train at Dean Scott Fields, just down the road from Elite.
400 Buckeye Street, Parkersburg, WV 26101
Tuesday and Thursday evenings
March 14 16--May 16--18

Eligible Player Birth Dates:

Trying for teams in the
Under 8 2010 and 2011 birthdays
 Under 10 Girls 2009 and 2010 birthdays
Under 10 Boys 2007 and 2008 birthdays
Under 12  2005 and 2006 birthdays
if we don't have enough for separate boys and girls teams, then we will create a coed team; coed teams play against all boy teams in SOSL.

League Competition Dates: 

April 1, 8, 22, 29
May 6, 13
Optional Marietta Tournament
May 20

League Host Sites: 
SOSL has existed since 2009 with most of the matches being played in one of the three main club cities, Alexander (Albany, Ohio), Athens, and Logan.  Our club would ask for at least one and maybe two host weekends if the fields are available where we train.

Many of you who have trained at Elite know Coach Brett Mattson. I have an initial agreement from him and Coach James Liebau with whom Brett has also coached and played.  These two young men took the Under 12's and Under 14's Girls to Elite's Semifinals in January and the parents and players all agreed the pair make an inspiring and effective coaching team. In the case of more teams I may need to consider other young and aspiring candidates.
The coaches will sign a contract and be paid. The management of their performance is one of my roles.  I also will oversee the training and competition models they utilize. I am not judging them based on winning, but rather player improvement, professionalism, and parent satisfaction.

Parent Assistants can earn credit toward reducing the final cost of the season by as much as 75%, depending on the nature of the role.
--Expect $250 Total cost for the 8 week spring season; the $50 Preseason charge counts toward this amount.
--Expect an additional OPTIONAL cost for the Optional Marietta Tournament between $30 and $50 depending on number of players.

What should you do to reserve a spot to attend the first training in March?

1-- Fill out the attached form and return to Tad
2--Pay the Preregistration fee on-line or through check. (refundable if you don't play)
3--Begin the preconditioning in late February early March
4--Consider serving the team and earning a discount by applying for Team Manager or Secure a Team Sponsorship.  Other Service Opportunities may become available.

Parkersburg Soccer Academy Registration Form

Youth Section
Name _____________________________________________________________________________
Child's Age/Date of Birth
Shirt Size ________________________________________________________
Home Address_______________________________________________________________________
Does your child have known allergies or medical issues? Y/N
If yes, please indicate_________________________________________________________________


Parent/Adult Information Section
Name ___________________________________________________________________________ 
Emergency Contact #2 (not your number)________________________________________________
Phone # Home  ____________________________Cell_________________________ Text?_________________________________________________________________                
Email_________________________________________  Are you on Facebook?_____
Are there any other things you would like us to know as we work with your child?

Child's Doctor                                                            Doctor's phone

By signing this form, I voluntarily assume all risk of personal accident, injury, damage and/or loss as a result of my child's participation with Parkersburg Soccer Academy.  Therefore, I agree to release the Elite Sports Center, Scott Fields, Southeastern Ohio Soccer League, all sponsors, Tad Albano and Athens Soccer Academy, LLC and its officers and any local individuals acting on behalf of these entities, from responsibility for any and all damage or injury of any kind as a result of my child's participation.  I grant Tad Albano, the Parkersburg Soccer Academy Staff, and Athens Soccer Academy designees the right to take photographs and/or videos of my child in connection with the above participation.  I authorize Athens Soccer Academy, its assigns and transferees to copyright, use and publish the same in print and/or electronically.  I agree that Athens Soccer Academy may use such photographs, with or without name, and for any lawful purpose, including for example such purposes as Athens Soccer Academy publicity, illustration, advertising, and web content.

Parent's Signature____________________________________________  Date____________________________________________


Payment Options

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